Thai Herbal Stem Massage

Posted by: KD Mack  Posted date: September 05, 2018

Offered by Renata Rychlewski & Danuta Debowski

A selection of therapeutic Thai herbs are bundled together in a cotton cloth into a ball and steamed before your treatment. The effects of the heat and healing properties of the herbs can have a deep impact on the body by reducing muscle tension and promoting deep relaxation.

Thai Herbal Stem Massage is a different experience that will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and re-balanced! This ancient treatment has roots that stem from thousands of years of implementation in Thailand’s traditional massage treatments.

What to expect:

This treatment includes the application of steamed (hot) herbal stems that are pre-made prior to your appointment. They are introduced to your body with open communication between you and your therapist regarding their temperature and your tolerance/preference. The stems are rolled and compressed along acupuncture-related meridians within your body’s muscles and joints. Massage techniques accompany the application of the stems to further reduce muscle tension, improve healing and potentially reducing discomforts associated with muscular tightness and injury.

Thai Herbal Stems contain some of these common herbs and botanicals: camphor, lemongrass, ginger, turmeric, kaffier lime and plai. These herbs have a reputation to have anti-anflammatory, analgesic and muscle-relaxant properties.

Following your treatment the Herbal Stems are yours to keep and can be effectively re-used at home or during up to 3 treatments in our office. Your RMT will give you instructions on home care using your herbal compresses.

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