Hot Bamboo Massage

Posted by: KD Mack  Posted date: August 09, 2018

Offered by Renata Rychlewski RMT & Danuta Debowski RMT

What seems to be a new technique actually has ancient roots!  Chinese, Japanese cultures believe that bamboo has benefits of life energy, healing process and longevity.  Bamboo massage helps to decrease muscle tension, temporarily improve circulation and supports the lymphatic system.

Bamboo Massage Therapy utilizes the technique of deep tissue massage, but with a firmer and more extensive approach to reaching “knots” and tightened musculature.  Bamboo massage incorporates warm bamboo sticks of varying lengths and diameters to provide an effective soft tissue outcome.  Warmed bamboo is used to knead and stretch muscles during the massage treatment and is applied in all directions  Hot Bamboo Massage can be applied as softly or deeply as necessary.

What to expect:

The bamboo sticks are warmed up prior to their application to your body’s muscles as the intention of the Registered Massage Therapist is to work as deeply and effectively as possible while simultaneously working within the boundries of personal pressure tolerance and comfort.

Your RMT will check in with you many times during the treatment and encourages your feedback to guide them where you deem necessary.

Once you are comfortable with the pressure, the warmed bamboo sticks offer a deep kneading effect combined with gliding movements that are very effective at unwinding muscles that are bunched up due to lack of use, overuse, fatigue or injury.  Bamboo massage also targets trigger points that are known to cause pain in areas of your body you may not even know are related.

This type of treatment is effective for runners, cyclists and similarly leg-focused activities where tightness, injury and restrictions are commonly reported.  It is also a deeply relaxing experience for those looking to promote their general well-being and reduce stress levels with self-care.

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