Rates & Our Office Policy

Posted by: LMacRae  Posted date: November 07, 2010


effective August 2018

(all rates include HST and by booking an appointment with us you agree to our 24-hour cancellation policy as described below)


  • 30 minutes     $60
  • 45 minutes     $80
  • 60 minutes     $95
  • 75 minutes     $115
  • 90 minutes.   $130
  • 120 minutes  $180


  • 60 minutes  $110
  • 75 minutes   $130
  • 90 minutes  $145


  • 30 minutes       $70
  • 45 minutes       $95
  • 60 minutes      $130

ACUPUNCTURE (**billed as Massage Therapy)

  • 30 minutes     $60
  • 45 minutes     $80
  • 60 minutes     $95


  • 30 minutes   $95


  • 75 minutes     $130


  • 60 minutes     $125 (promo price subject to change – includes re-usable take home compresses)


Your care and treatment is of the utmost importance to us!

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you are unable to provide this notice, we expect you will pay for the missed appointment if we are unable to fill the spot.  Alternately you can have a friend or family member take the appointment as well!  If and when you can provide 48hrs notice it is greatly appreciated!

 If you have an emergency, please let us know so that we can treat your specific situation with personal attention. Basic Kneads sends out a “confirmation of appointment” email, an automated “reminder email” 24 hours in advance and we also call or text to remind you based on your preference.


We do not consider the following to be conflicts:  forgetting, not getting a courtesy call, having to stay late at work to be emergencies. Our cancellation policy is necessary for our small business to continue to serve our clients in need of treatment, and also to make Massage Therapy a feasible career for our therapists. Our Registered Massage Therapists practice a maximum of 4 – 5 hours per day so that you can be sure to get a treatment with good energy behind it and so that they can stay healthy and injury free. Each of our therapists is a subcontractor to Basic Kneads and not an employee. They do not receive remuneration for missed appointments,   therefore even ONE missed appointment out of 4 has a significant financial impact on your therapist.

Cancellations should be made by calling or emailing the office ONLY with a minimum of 24hrs notice. You could also choose to find a friend or family member to take your reserved appointment time.  We take payment for missed appointments over the phone.  Failing to show up and not call always results in full service fee charged.

We sincerely hope you will understand the reason and nature of our policy.  Thank You

  • It is recommended that your first treatment with us be for a minimum of 1 hour. This is especially important if you have a complicated health history or feel you need advanced assessment included in your treatment time. Relaxation massages do not usually have the same minimum time requirements for assessment.
  • Reflexology is the same rate as Massage Therapy and provided by selected RMTs.
  • We are not covered by OHIP, but many private/work related health insurance plans may cover costs partially or fully. A referral may be required, please check your policy.
  • Payment is due at the time service is rendered and a receipt bearing the information necessary to send to an insurance company is contained on the receipt.
  • Rates are subject to change with 60 days notice.
  • **Your choice of treatment length is inclusive with time needed for assessment, dressing/undressing and clinic notes**.
  • As a “new” patient you will be asked to fill out a confidential CASE HISTORY and Consent to Treatment form. These forms are required, and contain information pertinent to your proper care and treatment. Please let us know if any changes or accidents/falls occur, prior to one-year review.  AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ON OUR WEBSITE
  • 24 hours notice is REQUIRED for cancellation or change of any appointment. A full fee will be applied. Our policy also applies to appointments made within 24hrs of appointment including same-day
  • We accept VISA/Debit Card, cash and cheques.
  • Payment is due when service is provided.
  • Returned cheques are subject to a fee of $20.
  • Appointments cannot be “split” due to difference in fee schedule.
  • Arriving late for your scheduled appointment time results in your time being shortened, and the full fee is applied. (Please try to arrive at least 5 min. prior to your scheduled time)
  • Gift certificates are available at the front desk.

Insurance Health Benefit Reimbursement

We are able to DIRECT SUBMIT your Massage Therapy receipt on your behalf to the insurance companies listed below for reimbursement.  Prescriptions/referrals & ensuring you have the OPTION to approve our submission to your insurance company make the process of reimbursement a much more quick and pain free one!

  • Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance
  • Cowan
  • Desjardins Insurance
  • First Canadian
  • Great-West Life
  • Green Shield
  • GroupHEALTH
  • GroupSource
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Johnson Inc
  • Johnston Group Inc
  • Manion
  • Manulife
  • Maximum Benefit
  • Standard Life
  • Sunlife

Occasionally we receive AUDIT calls from your Insurance companies.  They ask for the date and fee details of your claimed treatments to verify your appointment and payment.  Your permission to disclose this information is required for your reimbursement.  This permission is found on our Case History Form.

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