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offered by our RMT Renata R.

What is Hot Stone Therapy?

Hot stone massage dates back more than 5000 years to many parts of the world including Indian, Hawaiian and Mayan cultures. Ayurveda, the ancient healing tradition of India, not only uses hands for manipulation and healing but also utilizes “tools” the earth would provide such as herbs, flowers, crystals and heated stones. Healers collected the stones, heated them with coals or water and used them to massage the body. Stones were also placed over areas of the body along energy pathways to encourage flow of “life energy”

Closer to home, Native Americans also used hot stones to heat their sweat lodges. They believed the heat from the stones was so powerful; it could cleanse the body of illness and disease.
Basic Kneads uses Basalt stones originating from the Andes Mountains in South America. Basalt is an igneous rock formed when volcanic lava cools and hardens. Basalt is slightly magnetized, in the direction of the magnetic field existing when if first cools. Basalt massage stones are naturally shaped by ocean waves and harvested from the shoreline. At no time is there any destruction to the natural environment.

What is a treatment like?

At Basic Kneads we offer Hot Stone Massage in 2 basic styles.

· Our Hot Stone Combo is the best of 2 worlds. Therapeutic massage with clinical focus on your specific areas of tension, discomfort or pain … Followed by the application of the Hot Stones to “iron out” all of the painful kinks, and send you into a blissful state of pure disconnection from all of life’s worries.
· The classic “spa” treatment is purely for the purpose of stress reduction, relaxation and grounding. It involves both light massage with the heated stones, and the placement of stones on specific areas of the body relating to energy centers. (chakras)

The stones are heated in water to a temperature of approximately 120-140 degrees F. This may seem VERY hot, but bear in mind, they are either placed on a towel on your body, or kept in motion during the massage. We do not wear protection on our hands; therefore we have to be able to handle them without burning ourselves. Your tolerance to their heat is established at the beginning of the treatment, and we keep in constant communication throughout the massage.

Contraindications and Cautions

Hot/Cold stone massage may not be for you if any of the following apply:

· high blood pressure
· hypertension
· diabetes
· heart disease or any heart condition
· any surgery where nerves have been cut or altered resulting in a loss of sensation to the body
· any skin condition aggravated by heat
· any type of open skin lesion
· any circulatory problems, for example edema
· decreased skin sensitivity to temperature (par aesthesia)
· pregnancy
· any acute injury or inflammation (cold stone massage is ok)
· anyone who is extremely overweight due to the challenge on the heart
· clients on medications such as analgesics, anti-asthmatics, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxants and anti-coagulants
· Parkinson’s Disease
· Cancer
· any metal implants


· autoimmune dysfunction incl. Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue & Arthritis
· elderly/children with thinner skin
· any condition where heat may aggravate an existing condition

Hot/Cold Stone therapy may be suitable for some of the above conditions if the temperature of the stones is adjusted to be less extreme in nature. We suggest you speak to your MD and your Massage Therapist prior to treatment.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

· Hot Stones are an extraordinarily relaxing experience
· “Irons out” tight muscles, softening the tissue with heat
· Decreases pain associated with muscular tension and joint-related dysfunction
· Decreases pain associated with tension headaches
· Reduces overall stress
· Sedates the Central Nervous System with heat, stimulates it with cold
· Reduces inflammatory conditions with the use of cool stones
· Reduces sinus pressure when cold stones are used on the face
· Promotes increased circulation, lymph flow and vitality
· Promotes the release of toxins and aids in the elimination of excess
· Improves the tone of visceral organs
· Aids in elimination by alternating hot and cold stones, stimulating peristalsis
· Aids in reducing discomfort associated with menstrual cramping
· Gently exfoliates the skin
· Balances the charkas

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