Posted by: LMacRae  Posted date: November 06, 2010

Make your own appointment with our online service: Make Appointment

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  1. Rene says:

    This site SUCKS- you have a page that lists services- click on them and even though they are from August there is no info yet?? Then you sign up and it tells you to click on the my appointments tab…where is that?

    Will just stick to my current place- your site is not very encouraging for new clients.

    • KD Mack says:

      Hello Rene
      I will sorrowfully admit that as the owner of the clinic and active RMT in our roster I have not been as diligent as I would like in updating our website. September – December is cuckoo crazy time for us as so many people hope to use up their benefits before year end. I have fully realized my shortcomings trying to handle both working in the clinic and managing it and have made a commitment for 2019 to improve our business procedures. To that end, this year I am taking a day out of my usual schedule to focus on such. Thank you for your criticism as I plan to use it as my motivation to improve. Should we be able to assist you in any way in the future I hope you may consider us.

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