Leanne Adam RMT – Clinic Director

Posted by: LMacRae  Posted date: November 01, 2014 in Slides

Leanne Adam graduated Kikkawa College in Toronto in 1993. From the moment she entered the classroom she knew she had made one of the best career decisions she would ever make. A decision that would not only be an endless source of personal gratification, but more importantly, a decision that would give her the opportunity to use her hands to make a difference.

Touch is incredibly healing, a wonderfully natural way to fight pain, stress, illness and disease.

Working primarily with other health professionals for the first 5 years of her career, Leanne marveled at the body’s incredible ability to recover from stress and injury without the use of drugs or surgery. As with any profession, experience leads to an accumulation of knowledge, and the ability to recognize patterns. Leanne uses both this experience and her natural instinct when working with each client to formulate individual solutions and meet each person’s unique needs.

Often the solution to healing the body is so simple that we overlook the obvious

It was during her 5th year as a sub-contractor in a Chiropractic clinic, that Leanne realized she wanted more. More focus and emphasis on massage therapy and other related hands-on practice, and more responsibility. Basic Kneads was born after 6 months of preparation and investigation. She hasn’t once looked back, and hopes to expand on her dreams in the future by filling out the “Wellness Centre” aspect of the clinic. Leanne is also interested in pursuing Craniosacral Therapy and further developing her spiritual link to the energy aspect inherently found within her chosen profession.

I am so fortunate to have found a path in life to which I am so passionately committed

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