Olivia Saito RMT

Posted by: KD Mack  Posted date: March 02, 2010 in Slides

A graduate of Sutherland Chan in 2000, Olivia has worked in a variety of settings including spas, wellness centres and alongside Chiropractors.  Olivia has training in both “Eastern” and “Western” medicine making her approach quite unique.  Reflexology, Reiki, Shiatsu & Thai Massage are some of the courses she has taken through the years.  Capable of both light or deep massage depending on the purpose of  the treatment, Olivia is excellent at sourcing out the causes behind the pain, and is accurate with her treatment solutions.  She is planning on adding more hours to the schedule in the future.

“I am very interested in both eastern and western theory & my massage style reflects that. I take the best of everything I’ve learned and customize it for my client. I have a very good understanding around chronic pain and fibromyalgia as I’ve directly witnessed the effects it has on a person for the past 12 years. Pain can be exhausting!  I believe in treating the whole person to get the best results. Body and spirit.  I am very excited to return to the BK family”


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